A unusual situation

She said sorry I can't reach it would you mind getting it for me?Sure I said. Now I am not real tall either 5' 8" and I have a small middle age bulge, but other than that I am in pretty good shape. At 175 pounds and doing construction every day I have a decent build. I reached up and got the canister down then asked how she would get it if I wasn't here to get it. She laughed and said stand on a chair how else. She poured some into a small container and then asked if I needed anything else. I said no and thanked her for the sugar. Then I asked her if we could talk? Sure. What did I want to talk about? The other day when I took you to get the part for the car. Ann hesitated and then said I guess you have a right to be curious about that. I said that I really only had one question I wanted answered if she would. "OK I guess." Is Sam always like that or was it because he was drunk? I was hoping once she got started she would do like she did in the truck and just keep going.

She sat down at the table and looked at the salt and pepper set like she was thinking how she wanted to answer that question. She said He was worse when he was drunk but yes he was like that all the time to some degree. Then she said she hated him and wished he was out of her life but all he did was talk about leaving but she knew he wasn't going to. She told me about how he beat her and how he would beat Debbie also. She was talking and I was taking mental notes that I hopped would get me what I wanted. She talked until almost 2:00 when the phone rang. She jumped and said don't make a sound as she grabbed the phone. I could tell by the look on her face that she was scared of the call. She said "Hello Sam" Then I could hear him scream at her. " Listen bitch I want fried chicken for supper and mashed potatoes with gravy. I will be home around 8:00 and the fucking food better be hot. Bye" She hung up the phone and sat back down crying. I asked what was wrong and she said she had to walk to the store before Debbie got home to shop for supper. I said I would take her if she wanted. She mumbled a ok then cryed again like a baby. I reached out and took her in my arms and told her she needed to calm down. She said he was in one of his moods and she knew he would be slapping the hell out of her or Debbie when he came in. I rubbed her back and tried to comfort her. She relaxed and put her head on my chest. Slowly she stopped crying and just stood there. I reached down and kissed her gently and told her I would be there this evening when Sam came in so he couldn't beat her or Debbie. 

She wrapped her arms around my waist and said just hold me for a little while, ok? Hell yes I would I thought but I didn't say a word I just pulled her close and kissed her again. This time she kissed me back and I felt her leg move between mine and rub against my cock. My hand slid down her back to her ass and I pulled her even closer as we frenched kissed and I was exploring her mouth and she was exploring mine. I moved my hand around to her chest and slowly reached her breast. I cupped her left breast and she moaned before she pulled away and said this is wrong I am married and I don't cheat. Damn I had to think fast or miss my chance. I decided to just pull her back to me and tell her to be quiet and just let me hold her. She eased back into my arms and I pulled her close and put my hand back on her breast. She tensed up but didn't try to move my hand. After a few minutes I lifted her head and said I didn't think she would be cheating since he didn't care about her anyway. She again relaxed and melted into me. I lowered my mouth to hers and we were again kissing our tongues dancing together. I massaged her breast though her top then moved my hand down to the bottom of the halter top then back up under it so I was gripping her breast. We started exploring each other and before I knew it we were both half naked. My shorts were down around my ankles and so were her's My 8" cock was up against her belly and she had her hand wrapped around it. I lowered her onto the table and started kissing my way down her front from her neck to the top of her shaven pussy. I was in heaven and I wasn't about to stop there. I devoured her and she screamed as she reached her first orgasm. Then I moved up her body until my cock was level with her pussy and entered her very slowly. God was she tight. I worked my cock into her inch by inch until I was buried to the hilt in her. I just stopped and enjoyed the feel of her pussy tightening and relaxing around my cock. Then I moved out and in as slow as I could enjoying letting my cock explore her insides. After a couple minutes I started to pick up the pace and she matched my thrust perfectly. Faster and faster we went until I could feel my cum building up to blast out of my cock. I told her I was ready to cum and she said so was she. Do ----- you ------ want -------me ----- to-----pull------out? I gasped. Noooooooo she panted. We came together and then as we collapsed together we hear someone behind us. We both jumped up and there stood Debbie smiling at us.

How long have you been standing there Ann asked. Then as an after thought she asked why are you home early? Mom I changed my schedule so I get home a lot earlier now. I got here just as you two were starting so I kept quiet and watched. Damn sure was hot seeing you two go at it like that. Only problem is now I am horny as hell from watching. "DEBBIE!" Ann screamed "What the hell do you know about being horny you are only 11 years old? Are you having sex with someone? Do you know what I will do to you if you are having sex? And what have I told you about cussing?" "MOM ------ MOM SHUT UP AND LISTEN" Debbie screamed back. Ann froze and just stared at her daughter. Mom I lost my cherry when I was nine. That bastard husband of yours sold it for a case of beer and he has been trying to fuck me every chance he gets. Ann started bawling like a baby again. Why didn't you come to me? Mom you couldn't and wouldn't have done anything. You are to scared of that asswhole to do anything. That's when he told me he wasn't my father and all I was to him was a piece of ass to do as he wanted to with. Mom he had fingered me many times before he sold me and told me if I said anything he would cut my throat for me. I realized both Ann and myself were standing in front of Debbie naked listening to her explain what Sam had done to her. I reached down for my clothes and Debbie laughed and said don't do that on account of me I like what I see and here is the way it's going to be if mom doesn't want me to show these pictures to the fuck head tonight. I realized she had taken Polaroid pictures of me and her mother. He will fucking kill you mom and you know it so you to will do what I say or else. Where are the pictures I asked to which she replied I'm not stupid enough to tell you that but to prove there are pictures here is the last one I took. It was a picture of Ann and me with my cock sticking in her about half way. You could tell from the picture that my cock was wet from Ann's pussy juices. I was pissed and tried the tough guy tactic to get the pictures. Just who the hell do you think you are dealing with little girl give me the fucking pictures now! Debbie looked me dead in the eyes and said "Go fuck yourself" As long as I have the pictures you will do what I say understand that? You both have reasons for those pictures to remain hidden so shut the fuck up and do what I say. Since Sam started finger fucking me when I was about 6 I had to learn to do for myself. Then when he sold me I learned that I had a new power if I used it. I now tell him who I will fuck and when because I have pictures of him sucking his boss's cock and told him I would show them to the boss's wife if he fucked with me. Guess the asswhole won't bring the boss home again, she laughed. Now for you two!

Mom suck his cock and get it hard while I get undressed. "But Debbie"------ Ann started to protest. Shut up and suck and you Mr. Hard Ass I don't want to hear your mouth either unless you want the pictures to get to a few of your customers. Do both of you understand me? all either of us could do was nod. As Ann started sucking my cock I couldn't help but get hard, that combined with an 11 year old who looked like 15 doing a strip in front of me. As soon as Debbie finished getting her clothes off she jumped up on the table and ordered me to eat her pussy. When I didn't move fast enough she yelled " Move that sweet ass over here now" I reached the table and leaned forward to inhale the sweet scent of a young cunt that wanted me to eat her. I started licking and sucking on her pussy and she started moving in rhythm to my eating her. Ann was still sucking my cock until Debbie ordered her to stop. Then she told me to get on the table and lay down on my back. I did and she climbed on top of me and grabbed my cock and started sucking on it herself. She then slid up and lowered her pussy to the head of my dick. She slid it into her about an inch and then another inch. She kept doing this until I felt her hymen. She looked me in the eyes and smiled and then wispiered in my ear will it hurt much? I wispiered back only for a second or so then your body will adjust to it and you will start enjoying it. She raised back up and stopped for what seemed like forever. then she slammed herself down on my cock and bit her lower lip. She didn't move for a couple of minutes then she raised up just a little then back down. After about four times of doing this she said roll me over so you can take over please. I rolled her over on her back and slowly raised up pulling almost completely out of her then I eased back in. After repeating this several times I wispiered in her ear and asked if she was getting use to having me in her. She said it felt great so I started fucking her faster and faster until she started moaning and digging her fingernails into my back. She was matching my pumping my cock in and out of her pussy and then she became stiff and her legs shook as she reached her climax. That did it for me and i emptied my load deep in her newly fucked pussy. Exhausted I collapsed on top of her. as we caught our breath I put my head next to her ear and asked why and she just turned her head and kissed me like a full grown woman. 

After we separated she went back to being the boss. Mom clean his cock for him with your mouth. I have to admit She was cute as hell standing there naked with my cum slipping out of her well fucked young pussy. Her mother started licking and sucking my dick cleaning her daughters cum, blood and my cum off my cock. Debbie winked at me and held up two fingers and pointed to her pussy. I looked down and sure enough I was hard again. I looked back at Debbie pointed at my cock and shook my head yes. As soon as I did she told her mom to get up get dressed and go get want she needed for supper. I asked if she wanted me to drive her and Debbie said " OH HELL NO YOU DON'T! we aren't finished yet. I then offered my keys which Ann excepted after getting Debbie's ok. As soon as Ann left Debbie grabbed my hand and said let's go to the bedroom. When we got there she pushed me down on the bed and climbed up beside me. What are you waiting for she asked. Make love to me. I wasn't about to argue with her so I did but this time I just slid into her and started pumping away since I had already came a couple of times I knew it would be a while before I would cum again. I asked her why she had did what she did and why she said her father had sold her and all the rest. She said it was true he had sold her and made her suck a guy off when she was nine and said when she turned 12 he would start fucking her himself and if any of his friends wanted some it would cost them. Since she would be 12 in a couple of weeks she wasn't about to let him be her first. What about the pictures?She laughed then said That there was only the one and she had just walked in as we were finishing, No pictures of Sam either? Oh yes but they were made on the computer but still his boss was scared his wife would think I had taken them. You see it was his boss he made me suck off and he did suck him also while they were both drunk. Now please shut up and fuck me will you? How could I resist? I started pounding her pussy with everything I had. she would be sore for days after I finished fucking that sweet young pussy. I lasted about 20 minutes and when I blew my load it felt like my entire insides were being shot into her. We lay there together until we heard my truck pulling up. We got up walked to the kitchen and when Ann came in Debbie told her that she was to fix dinner for just us three because she knew Sam would be pulling a double shift tonight and I was spending the night with them so get undressed and start dinner.

It was the first of many nights I would spend with Ann and Debbie. You see about two months later Sam did leave, he just moved out lock stock and barrel. He didn't even say goodbye when he left. Shortly after that Ann and Debbie moved in with me. We each have our own room but it is rare when either Ann's or Debbie's rooms are used. Most of the time we all sleep in my king size bed. Debbie is planning a sleep over for some of her close girlfriends this weekend. she has said they will start out using her room but that might change after a little while if she has anything to say about it. And knowing Debbie she will have something to say about it.

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